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What Is Metal Push Button Switch ?

- Oct 18, 2018 -

Metal push button switch is a kind of power source that utilizes modern power electronics skills to control the ratio of switching tube registration and shutdown, and maintains a stable output voltage. The metal push button switch is usually composed of a pulse width modulation (PWM) control IC and a MOSFET. Compared with the linear power supply, the metal button switch increases the cost of both the output power, but the rate of increase is different. The linear power supply cost is higher than the metal button switch at a certain output power point, which is called the cost turn point. With the development and innovation of power electronics skills, the metal button switch skills are constantly changing, and this cost turn point is increasingly moving to the low output power end, which provides a wide expansion space for the metal push button switch.

The high-frequency metal button switch is the direction in which it is unfolded. The high-frequency metalization makes the metal push button switch small, and the metal push button switch enters a wider range of applications, especially in the use of high-tech skills, and promotes the small-scale high-tech products. And light. The deployment and use of other metal push button switches has important implications for saving energy, saving capital and maintaining the environment. The power electronics used in metal push button switches are mainly diodes, IGBTs and MOSFETs. SCR has a few uses in the metal push button switch input rectifier circuit and soft start circuit. The GTR drive is difficult, the switching frequency is low, and it is gradually replaced by IGBT and MOSFET.

Three conditional folding

1. Switch: Power electronic equipment works in the switch state instead of the linear condition

2, high frequency: power electronic equipment operating at high frequency instead of near the low frequency of power frequency

3, DC: metal button switch output is DC instead of communication

all and thin.

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