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Types Of Household Lighting Switches

- Sep 06, 2018 -

(1) According to the panel type, there are 86, 120, 118, 146 and 75 types, the most widely used family decoration 86 and 118 types.

(2) According to the mode of switch connection, there are unipolar switch, bipolar switch, tripole switch, tripole plus midline switch, double-way switch with common access line, double-way switch with a breaking position, double-way switch, double-way reversing switch (or midway switch).

(3) According to the break-off condition of the switch contacts, the break-off gap of the switch with normal gap structure is more than 3 mm, and that of the switch with small gap structure is less than 3 mm, but more than 1.2 mm.

(4) According to the starting mode, there are rotary switch, seesaw switch, button switch, voice control switch, touch screen switch, backboard switch, cable switch.

(5) According to the protection grade of harmful water intake, there are ordinary protection grade IPX0 or IPX1 switch (socket), anti-splash protection grade IPX4 switch (socket), anti-blowout protection grade IPXe switch (socket).

(6) According to the terminal points, there are two kinds of screws exposed and not exposed, the choice of screws not exposed switch is safer.

(7) according to the installation mode, there are two kinds of open and dark.

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