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How To Use The Emergency Stop Switch According To The Characteristics Of The Electrical Equipment?

- Jan 17, 2019 -

When we use the emergency stop switch according to the characteristics of the electrical equipment, some equipmet need to use normally closed contacts, but also use normally open contact, and there are also normally open and normally closed contact configuration. HBAN Brand Emergency Stop Switch including metal and plastic material, and mounting hole size could be dia.16mm ,19mm and 22mm.

The emergency stop switch must be "normally closed" whatever it is a control contactor or an input point for PLC. Only in this way the reliability of the emergency stop switch could be guaranteed.

In our opinion, we think normally closed contact should be chosen for Emergency Stop switch . When the circuit is opened at the normally open point, the stop switch will not work, and the stop function will not be achieved. So we recommend NC Contact or NO+NC Contact.



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